1. System Requirements

2. Installation

3. Telescope Control

4. Data Catalogs

5. Internet Data

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1. System Requirements

1.1 What are the requirements for use Tachyon ?

Minimum Requirements

  • PocketPC 200MHz/32MB

  • CF .NET platform

  • 17mb Storage Memory and 8mb Program Memory

Recommended Setup

  • PocketPC 400MHz/64MB

  • 64MB Memory Card

  • CF .NET Platform

  • Wireless adapter

  • Internet Connection

  • Computer Controlled Telescope (Autostar, Celestron etc)

  • Serial interface and cable

1.2 My PocketPC is compatible ?

Tachyon is not available for PalmOS devices. It runs only in Pocket PC devices.

The .NET Compact Framework is supported on Windows Mobile 2000-based Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2002-based Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2003-based Pocket PCs, Windows Mobile-based Smartphones and embedded systems running Windows CE .NET 4.1 and later.

To control a telescope you will need a serial interface in your PDA.

1.3 Is it necessary a GOTO Telescope or Internet Connection to run Tachyon ?

1.3.1 GOTO Telescope

 It is not necessary a GOTO telescope to use Tachyon. Nowadays amateur telescopes are becoming more and more automated. Tachyon allows you, if you are a lucky owner if one of these marvelous machines, to expand the usability. 

Tachyon has skins for some handboxes and you can create your own if you are a good designer. You can even run a Meade Telescope with a Nextstar interface or vice-versa, as strange this can be. 

If you do not have a GOTO telescope there is no problem at all. All functions, except commanding the telescope will work without restrictions.

GOTOs are only a small fraction of Tachyon capabilities.

 1.3.2 Internet Connection

 Tachyon do not need an internet connection to work. But indeed it is very recommended if the user intends to use real time data, like Aurorae conditions, Sun conditions, Weather Patterns, DSS & SDSS images, latest comet or asteroid orbit data etc.

If you intend to go to a star party that has no access to an internet connection (common place) you need only, if you will use timely data, to synchronize desired field information before going to the party using your personal computer. 

But indeed is fantastic to open supernovae CBAT recent list, see a SDSS image with the correct position, command remotely your telescope and see the dying star. Or get latest comet orbit data, see ephemerides and observe directly from your telescope

2. Installation

2.1 How can I install Tachyon in my pocket ?

It is easy. See our Installation page.

3. Telescope Control

3.1 I have not found my telescope driver. What are the drivers available ?

We are trying to expand the drivers for, at least ASCOM compatible setups. If your telescope driver is not available you could ask us about. TachyonNET have standard the Meade LX200 Classic, Autostar and Celestron drivers.

4. Data Catalogs

4.1 How use a Vizier Catalog ?

With Tachyon you have access to any Vizier Catalog. This mean that you can have access to about every conceivable astronomical catalog. You cannot forgot about Pocket PC device limitations. If you put huge catalogues simultaneously available in StarMap you can have a huge impact on Mapping performance. This does not affect the use of catalogues in other parts of the software.

Tachyon was designed to be expandable and it uses a large set of astronomical resources available in the web. As a long time amateur astronomer, we know that we can have very different objectives. Some people like to observe variable stars, others are comet hunters or deep sky observers. With this fact in mind we designed the Catalog module with an amplitude that can satisfy everyone.

You can get any catalog in Vizier and put it in Tachyon. Not only coordinates data, but the full set of data you understand that is valuable.

In our homepage we have an example of this. You can see some catalogues like Herbig-Haro objects or 3C. In each catalog you can search a desired object and see the full data available. Pressing "D" - details button you have an explanation for each field.

The software can send you directly to the starmap positon desired and/or goto your telescope for observation.

Instructions are available here

5. Internet Data

5.1 I do not have internet connection in my mobile. Could I use the features ?

Yes, you could use those features if you have internet access in your personal computer. In this case you must run a Synchronizer that is available to get internet data and transfer to your handheld device.