VGA Screenshots

Now TachyonNET is VGA compatible. This supersize resolution for PDAs can be used in more recent PDAs like Axim X50V and HP4700.

Let's begin seeing this marvelous shot of Taurus/Orion region

Without Flamsteed Drawings

With Constellation borders

Real Sky with real life images, real life telescopes and eyepieces

Incredible Findercharts up to 21th mag GSC 2. See this of Charon/Pluto Occultation in July 7 2005 and compare with traditional charts like IOTA's original one at


Or get a SkyChart of Nova Aquilae 2005

Or the Moon in three levels of Zoom. As powerful as any PC Software ! This is the smallest.

This is the medium zoom !

And this is the highest zoom. See the Moon in amazing Three levels and identify every Feature or Crater !