Beta Testers


Before Installing Tachyon

If you do not have a WM2003 Pocket PC or later you will need CF.NET installed. Please go to Microsoft and download and execute Microsoft® .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP3 End User Redistributable. You also will need .NET Platform in your PC to run the installation software. Please get this platform here

Beta version is available for download only for ARM/XSCALE processors. If you have another one let me know.

This is a BETA RELEASE for BETA TESTERS. Read the conditions in software before installation. This is not yet a final commercial product, it is a working in progress.

Before installing the software, register at our yahoo group to have the latest information. Click to join TachyonNET


WARNING ! Unzip WITH folders

DOWNLOAD (New Users) -> TachyonNET Beta Release 0.11




If you have Tachyon installed and if you want the latest bug correction, you need only the update below. If you are not registered in our Yahoogroups please register here

DOWNLOAD (Update)-> Update Latest Tachyon Beta

Update Latest Tachyon Beta



Fast Install instructions

New User

1) Download Tachyon

2) Unzip file in any Folder with FOLDERS SET in ZIP and Run TachyonPCSetup.EXE (Need .NET Platform in your PC)

3) Read Install Instructions


1) Download Update

2) Unzip file in any Folder and copy with Windows Explorer over the old exe file in the TachyonNET folder on your PDA.


Detailed Install Instructions

 Tachyon was developed under Microsoft .NET platform. Both softwares, Tachyon for PocketPC and Tachyon PC Client need .NET Platform to run. If you get any error upon launching any of these versions then, probably, you do not have .NET installed in your computer/PDA.

To get .NET platform you must install these two pieces of software from Microsoft

- Net Platform for PC


- Net Platform for Pocket PC


After installation of the .NET platforms we are ready to install Tachyon. First of all you get .zip file and expand using winzip (www.winzip.com) to any folder you want in your PC.

In the folder you have chose there will be several files. One of them is TachyonPCSetup.exe. Execute it !

Now you get a beautiful picture of NGC3190 and a menu. In the menu you have an "Installation" Option. Proceed with installation. If you agree with the conditions Tachyon will be installed in your device.
The first step is installing OpenCFNet Library, that you MUST install in Default Directory and not in the Storage Card. After that installation you press OK in a messagebox and Tachyon will be installed in the Folder of your choice. It is possible to install Tachyon to a Storage Card. Depending on the speed of your memory card it can run slowly 2/3 times than in the main memory.

You are done !

There will be an icon in the Programs Area of your PDA.

If you have any problem or doubt do not hesitate and send us an email

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