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Welcome to Tachyon Mobile

Smart Software for Astronomy.

We are the home of some of most advanced and original astronomical software available in the web. Our mission is to serve amateur and professional community with solutions to allow better productivity of your astronomical observations and studies .

From nearby NEOs to the most distant quasars you can count on our tools as inseparable and faithful companions.

  Tachyon for PDA
At left we can see a snapshot of Tachyon's PDA skychart screen.

With this powerful tool for Pocket PCs you can do almost anything that is available for Desktop's PCs.

From controlling telescopes to search or recent supernovae you can have at your hands the most powerful software ever developed for a handheld.

Tachyon Mobile is proud of its products and the personal touch we have in our support. Beyond software development we are amateur astronomers that uses our own tools in long lone starry nights.

You are invited to take a look on our products and have...

Clear Skies !


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